Hearthstone and Modern

This Friday night magic(FNM) went a lot better in my opinion, I played against some of the more top tier decks than the week before and with some added changes to what I’m playing I’m starting have a more solid deck. Sometime this week I’ll finally write up how I changed my deck, why I […]

May 19, 2017 Mono White Humans

I haven’t been here in quite a while and a lot has definitely changed since I last posted. I’ve graduated from college, got a job at General Motors as a software developer, moved to Phoenix and started to play Magic: The Gathering(MTG) somewhat competitively. Definitely a different lifestyle, but I’m not here to talk about […]

Let’s go phishing

I love fishing and I have no idea why. I don’t like going outdoors, it’s generally considered a “redneck” thing to do where I live, and again it’s outside, but I really just enjoy going to a pond for a few hours and fish. I unfortunately haven’t been able to lately but I plan on […]

Summer fun

I know I haven’t kept to my schedule on here for the past two weeks and for good reason, finals and a much deserved break. I ended up getting a B and the rest A’s for my classes meaning that my GPA is now a 3.52. This is actually a pretty big deal, because having […]

2016 Spring Semester

This has been a really great semester overall, I was able to take four classes and all four were computer science related. While taking my classes I was also hired on by an IT professor to be a research assistant writing software for him. I got to work with a guy from India who has became […]


First I want to say I’m sorry for breaking my schedule. Between being super busy finishing up this semester of school and being a family man, this hasn’t been the best time to try and set a schedule. I think writing my blog posts up in the morning instead of at night will work better, […]

Location, location, location

While most of this blog will be full of programming content, some will be about my family and how I think of the family dynamic. My childhood was very interesting, not only from growing up in a military family, but also having to deal with two divorces. A lot of these experiences have shaped my […]