May 19, 2017 Mono White Humans

I haven’t been here in quite a while and a lot has definitely changed since I last posted. I’ve graduated from college, got a job at General Motors as a software developer, moved to Phoenix and started to play Magic: The Gathering(MTG) somewhat competitively. Definitely a different lifestyle, but I’m not here to talk about my life, I want to talk about my newest passion and that’s MTG.

Trading card games are becoming immensely popular among people my age, whether that be Hearthstone, Pokemon, the Witcher card game, Yugioh and MTG. MTG in my opinion is definitely the best compared to the rest. There is sooo many cards, many different formats, the gameplay is responsive, which is my biggest issue with Hearthstone, you can’t really play control like control is meant to be played in Hearthstone. So what I plan to do with this blog from now on is use it as a source of information for myself in the future and others about all the matches I play at tournaments and other events. So onto Friday Night Magic(FNM) May 19, 2017!

I’ve been playing control for the past few months, and I’ve finally switched to a more midrange/aggressive deck, mono white humans with a sub theme of exert with the decklist at the bottom.

Round 1 – Temur Dynavolt – 2-1

This match was actually a lot easier than I expected and the first time I play the deck outside of some friendly matches. One of the locals that is usually at FNM piloted the deck. Game 1 easily swung my favor with my Blessed Alliance/Skywhalers Shot dealing with his Torrential when he would try to flash them on on my end step and then go aggressive, I was able to cheese the end by escalating my Blessed Alliance to gain the extra life I needed to sustain through the Dynavolt triggers. Thalia’s Lieutenant actually really surprised me with Devoted Crop Mate and Always Watching, everytime I attacked with Devoted Crop Mate I would always get either a Glory-Bound Initiate or Thalia’s Lieutenant back in, but I found myself bringing in the Lieutenant to spread out a lot of counters.

Game 2 was basically the same but I wasn’t able to get my Blessed Alliances in time to gain that extra life I needed.

Game 3 was the most interested and a complete blow out. I curved out perfectly. Turn 1 Thraben Inspector, turn 2 Glory-bound, turn 3 Always Watching. So much pressure and tons of life. The highlight was when my opponent tried right at the end to stabilize by playing a Glorybringer, but was easily killed at beginning of combat phase by Skywhalers Shot. Overall the deck performed way better than I expected

Round 2 – Red/Black Vampires – 2-0

Honestly this game didn’t feel fair, Thalia, Gideon and Odric made this a blowout. It also wasn’t an optimized version of Red/Black vampires but their version has some pretty cool additions.

Round 3 – Jeskai Control – 0-2

This was a fun game because I actually played against a guy I constantly play test and work with, so we are always playing during lunch and throwing ideas around all day.

Game 1 was a bummer because I couldn’t get the amount of creatures I needed to and I probably should’ve mulligan.

Game 2 ugh. Top deck Sweltering Suns can do the trick, last night I didn’t have Metallic Mimics in my deck so I couldn’t get countered passed around as much as I probably needed to survive board wipes like this and all of my Devoted Crop Mates got countered. However I did get a sweet 2 Torrentials with 1 Declaration in Stone, but I honestly probably shouldn’t be used Declaration in Stone against a control player. I don’t want to give them the extra card advantage they are going to have on me anyways.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the deck, I’m a little bummed out I can’t take it to Game Day today, because of husbandly duties, but next month my wife and kids will be out of town for the entire month so I’m basically going to be living at the game shop playing as much MTG as possible and rack up some sweet store credit and write more of these.

Mono White Humans 

Main Board

4 Thraben Inspector

4 Thalia’s Lieutenant 

4 Glory-bound Initiate

4 Metallic Mimic

4 Devoted Crop Mate

4 Gideon of the Trails

4 Always Watching

3 Cast Out

2 Thalia, Heretic Cathar

2 Odric, Lunarch Marshall

2 Blessed Alliance

2 Skywhaler’s Shot

1 Bygone Bishop

19 Plains

Side Board

2 Skywhaler’s Shot

2 Blessed Alliance

3 Make a Stand

2 Authority of the Consuls

2 Fragmentize

2 Declaration in Stone

2 Angel of Invention


2 thoughts on “May 19, 2017 Mono White Humans

    1. Thanks! I’ve looked into red/white and I feel like it has a higher failure rate and is more susceptible to running out of energy quicker, but when the deck works it wins fast. Coming from a control background I’ve wanted to move more into a tempo/midrange deck instead of all out aggression. I’ve definitely thought out a few more ideas on how to make this mono white list better, but I’ll just have to try it on Friday.


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