Summer fun

I know I haven’t kept to my schedule on here for the past two weeks and for good reason, finals and a much deserved break. I ended up getting a B and the rest A’s for my classes meaning that my GPA is now a 3.52. This is actually a pretty big deal, because having a 3.50 means that you graduate with honors and I was sitting with a 3.49, literally .01 away. All I have to do now is just not be an idiot. So I think I deserved a week break.

During my break I’ve been able to relax with my family, go to a wedding, and play some videos games again with my really close friends. Today also is the start of working out with a guy I work with and trying to get back in shape, and I’m definitely sore, but I’m happy with how today went.

One thing I wanted to really write about today was about proactive, rather than retroactive. Having two kids is great, other than dealing with them when they are sick, make a mess, and wake up in the middle of the night to give them the occasional bottle or refill of milk. However, I’ve been working on trying to make this as easy as possible for my wife and myself. One way I’ve found to be better prepared was to be proactive. I have started making an extra bottle before I go to bed so if my son wakes up I can easily just go to fridge and give it to him then head back to bed, having clothes pulled out for the kids to wear before they go to daycare. Noticing a problem and setting up the solution before it happens is a huge difference, this not only can be applied to family life, but also to computer security.

I’ve been listening to a podcast lately while I drive called “Defensive Security” and each time there is a reoccurring theme, people didn’t have precautionary measures laid out before an issue arose. Of course in computer security it’s basically impossible to make sure a system is 100% secure, but you should always have as much of a safety net as possible. I’ve been very interested in security since I can remember; lock the car always, lock the house when you walk in, log off of my computer when I walk away, have different passwords for everything. A big reason for me being critical on this issue is because I don’t trust people, and the people that I really do trust, the list is very small.

This is probably a nice ramble that probably doesn’t flow well, but oh well. It’s my birthday and I wanted to write something out pretty quick before I had to leave for wings and beer with some family and friends.



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