First I want to say I’m sorry for breaking my schedule. Between being super busy finishing up this semester of school and being a family man, this hasn’t been the best time to try and set a schedule. I think writing my blog posts up in the morning instead of at night will work better, so I’m going to try that. However, I have been getting great feedback from the people who are reading my posts and I’m very thankful to everybody who has been reading my ramblings so far.

Being an old man in his underwear yelling at kids to get off his lawn is somewhere I can definitely see myself eventually. This weekend I had to yell at kids twice for messing with my vehicle. First off, my wife and I work hard for our money and we have decided to actually buy a nice car, because she works and she has to drive our kids around, so we don’t want our money to be wasted. Second, it’s our vehicle, not yours. I’ve always grown up understanding that if something isn’t yours, don’t mess with it. Third, common sense, don’t kick a soccer ball near a car. I just don’t understand where that is a good idea.

So the story, the wife and I were watching one of her cooking shows on Netflix, when I hear something hit our car, so I walk outside and see that one of the neighborhood kids was picking up their soccer ball right next to our new car. When I asked if the ball hit the car the kid obviously lied, but I told him not to let it happen again. Here is where I felt like that old man watching for kids on his lawn, I watched to see what was happening outside through the windows blind. Literally less than a minute I see the kids kick the ball and not only does it hit the car but also bounces on top. I run out of the house and yell at them to get away from my car and that kicking the ball near somebody else’s property is rude and if they break something they have to pay for it, something I know their parents wouldn’t do, and that pisses me off more because then it falls on to me to pay for their mistake.

After thinking about this whole weekend and what respect means to me, I see nowadays  that a lot of kids, obviously, but parents are lacking respect. Parents without respect aren’t unable to teach kids what respect is and then it becomes a never ending cycle. For me I was taught respect through punishment and having to buy things myself. I learned early that if I bought something I needed to take care of it. If I broke something or messing with somebody else’s property when I shouldn’t be I was punished for it, something I see other parents not doing but that’s really a whole different topic by itself.

Respect is something I really want my kids to understand, because it really is a huge issue especially to me. Teaching respect is a parental responsibility, it really is.

Thank you to everybody who does read this, it means a lot to me that you’re taking time out of your day to read my poor writing. I’m a technical guy, I like details about computer topics, but recently my boss told me that I need to step my writing game up, so hopefully through writing a lot more it’ll get better.


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